If you’re like most people, you’re not completely satisfied with your current position in life. There are some goals you haven’t reached, character traits or beliefs you’d like to change, a job you're unsatisfied with, or anything else.

Whether you know how to change these things or not, you’ve probably realised that making changes in your life is easier said than done. Abundance Development is here to provide you with all the necessary resources you will need to make those changes in your life and set you on the path for achieving your goals.

For most of my life, I've spent a large amount of time contemplating on areas that I can improve in. Over the last six years, I’ve dedicated a lot of my time to reading, listening to, and watching personal development material. All of the information provided in my blogs and courses is a combination of insights found in the greatest personal development material, as well as my own insights and findings. Both of which have been tried and tested in my own life.

I realised that my life was missing passion and excitement. I’ve always aspired to make great things happen in my life, but making those goals a reality was seeming less likely each year that went by. Like most people, I faced problems with getting to make changes stick in my life. I had problems with motivation fluctuating on a daily basis, and lots of negative character traits and habits.

Once I started researching personal development, I began to see what was possible, and over the years I've changed my life by improving in the areas that are most meaningful to me.

A few of the changes I've made:

Maintaining a consistent gym plan for the last four years of my life.

Maintaining a healthy nutrition plan, where I love what I eat and never have to deviate from it.

Generating consistent and long-lasting motivation that allows me to seamlessly work towards my goals every day.

Discovering my life purpose and actively pursuing it each day.

Transforming procrastination into excitement and energy to complete all tasks in my day.

Turning negative thinking and pessimism into positive thinking and optimism.

Using delayed gratification every day in all areas of my life which has skyrocketed my results.

Developing excellent emotional control, so that I feel in control of negative emotions rather than them controlling me.


The foundation of personal development is abundance thinking. This means believing in your own ability, and believing that there are sufficient resources in the world to change your life in whatever way you want to. This gives you the power to start achieving abundance in the external circumstances like your finances and your relationships, as well as the internal areas like your confidence, motivation and fulfilment.

The real power in personal development comes from experimenting with the theory in your own life. Throughout my time studying this material, I noticed a disconnect between reading a book and expecting the theory to change your life automatically.

Personal Development material needs to be experimented with and practised. Through my blogs and my courses, my goal is to show you the quickest path to be able to apply all the knowledge and steps, to make these changes happen in your life, and to make them happen permanently.