A Simple but Effective Skill for Enjoying Life More

One of the most frequent feelings of discontentment arises from a person jumping from one activity to the next. To feel content in the present moment, you have to be able to savour the moment.

When you think back to the times when you were happiest in your life, these are moments when you were just enjoying the present moment as it is; you had no resistance. When these moments occur, you realise they’re happening because you never want the experience to end. What makes these experiences so memorable is that they’re so rare. How many moments in the past decade can you remember thinking, I don’t want this moment to end?

Resistance occurs when you have a desire to not be in the present moment. Resistance can create all types of emotions like boredom, sadness, and depression.

The key to enjoying life is to let go of the resistance. There are so many activities throughout your day that you’re subconsciously resisting so that you can move on to something else. For example, you are eating your dinner as fast as possible so that you can do another activity afterwards.

You don’t get to sit down and fully enjoy your dinner because your mind is already on the next task. When you move on to the next task, you won’t be enjoying that either. You’re just jumping through hoops, completing activities on your list without getting to enjoy any of them.

You’re not getting to savour any joy in your life. It’s important to notice a distinction between savouring a meal and enjoying a meal. Devouring a pizza rapidly isn’t considered as savouring a meal. You might be enjoying it, but after each mouthful, you’re immediately looking for the next hit of stimulation. Savouring the moment is about taking your time to enjoy the whole experience and being mindful. 

Eating your dinner is an interesting example because it’s not a task anyone would deem worthy of trying to savour. Eating dinner is regarded as a task that serves a standard daily function; to feed you. 

However, if you see it this way, most of your day is spent doing functional activities that don’t mean anything to you, such as commuting to work, being at work, travelling home, and showering. When you subtract all of these functional activities, you’re left with very few hours in the week to enjoy, so your life feels meaningless and unenjoyable.

Furthermore, since you’ve spent all of these hours not really enjoying the functional activities and just getting through them, it makes it incredibly difficult for you to savour your spare time.

It’s not like a light switch that you can just turn on when it comes to your spare time. Finding joy in life is a skill that you must cultivate. If you’re not practising it during the activities that you do every day of your life, how can you expect to experience joy at all?

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