How to Easily Get Out of Bed in the Morning


When your alarm goes off in the morning, do you struggle to get up and get on with your day? Various factors can influence your ability to get up in the morning, like how much sleep you’re getting, or how active you are during your day, or your vitamin and mineral intake. Even if you have all of these areas sorted, this could still be a challenge for you.


Make a Plan

One of the most common reasons people struggle to get out of bed on time in the morning is that they haven’t planned their next day. If you plan out exactly what you need to do in the morning, it gives you a much clearer sense of direction.

If you plan to head to the gym before work, plan out the workout and exactly what you’ll be doing and what time you want to start. The same thing applies if you’re planning to get into work early. Work out exactly what tasks you’ll be doing the following day and what time you want to start. The same thing applies at the weekend if you’re getting up to work on your start-up business.

If your plans for the following day are vague, you don’t stand much chance of getting up on time. If your plans are clear, you’ve already set the plan in motion. You’re conscious of what time you need to be up and taking action.

The idea behind setting the plan a day before is that you’re making the decision when you’re at your strongest point mentally. When it comes to the next morning, you’re not having to decide whether to hit the snooze button or not because you’ve already decided the night before that you’re going to get up at a specific time.

Let’s say it’s Sunday night, and you’ve decided you want to wake up early tomorrow morning because you’re currently feeling motivated. That might not work tomorrow morning because you don’t know that you’ll wake up with the same motivation you’ve gone to bed with. Whereas when you set a specific plan, you’re taking that plan into Monday morning.

Why Is It Important To You?

Once you’ve created a plan for what you want to achieve the following day, the next step is to list the importance of why you’re doing it. You need to find something that is consistently important to you and that you won’t feel differently about in the morning. Here are a few examples:

Feeling good after getting a workout done first thing in the morning.

The relief from getting a gruelling task out the way at work.

The sense of accomplishment from being able to get the bulk of your work done first thing in the morning.

The satisfaction of being able to tick a few things off your to-do list as soon as possible.

Being able to enjoy the rest of your weekend by getting up early to work on your start-up business.

When you realise the importance of what you’re setting out to do, the resistance you face with getting up in the morning disappears. Your mind is more alert, and the motivation for getting up is at the forefront of your mind. When you highlight the importance of getting up on time, you’re finding something that will feel fulfilling. You’ll want to receive that fulfilment as quickly as possible.

 Most people find it easier to wake up on a Friday than on a Monday. Even though you have the same routine on Monday, the routine feels much easier on a Friday because you have the weekend to look forward to. When you design your life in a way where you’re doing meaningful things, getting out of bed in the morning becomes effortless.


Previous Experiences

Everyone has experienced feeling excited to get out of bed in the morning. You can recreate this by applying the first two steps, planning and motivating yourself, but you also need the belief. Think back to how you felt when you were excited, what made you excited, how did you use the energy you had?

Everyone can think of at least one time when they found it easy to get out of bed. For example, feeling excited to get out of bed in the morning because there’s something you were looking forward to, like Christmas or a holiday. When you think back to how easy it was to get out of bed, this will help convince you that you can get out of bed if you find something meaningful.

It’s important to realise that you can wake up and get out of bed early because many people feel like they physically can’t do it. It’s not that you have an inability; you just haven’t found anything that you think is important to get out of bed for.


Cultivating The Habit

It takes practice to get out of bed earlier in the morning. Every day that you wake up and fail to get out of bed, that’s not practice. Let’s say you wanted to begin training for a marathon. Every day you put your running shoes on and head towards your door, but then never leave your house to go for the run; that’s not training for the marathon.

Practice requires action, simply having the intention of doing something doesn’t contribute towards actually doing it. The key is to have something meaningful that you can do daily. If you’re in a situation when you’re not enjoying your job, or your routine in the morning doesn’t allow you the time to do something you want to do, then try to design your life in a way where you’re doing something meaningful to you. You need a reason to be waking up every morning.

On the other hand, if you develop a habit of snoozing your alarm and not getting up when you intended, that’s just further ingraining the resistance into your habits. Resistance is also a form of practice. Practising this daily will mean that it becomes difficult to break your bad habits.

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