How to Successfully Resist the Urge to Quit


When you encounter an obstacle, setback, or become fatigued, there’s a strong desire to quit. Quitting seems appealing because there’s a lot of emotional labour involved in persevering. You’re already feeling tired from the effort you’ve put in; you don’t feel like you can endure the discomfort of continuing. 

 Your brain tells you it’s too hard, you’re too tired, or there’s something else you’d rather do instead. There are countless excuses that you will come up with to relieve yourself of this emotional labour.

 Everyone has times in their life when they want to quit something. You might want to give up during a gruelling gym workout or a challenging project at work. Perseverance also becomes challenging for long-term pursuits, like struggling to find a partner or studying for a qualification. The main thing that separates people who quit from those who persevere is their mindset.

How a Clear Vision Will Help You to Persevere 

The people who find it easy to persevere have already made that decision in their mind to keep going. Everyone has had a time in their life when they’ve felt determined to complete something. When the thought of quitting crosses your mind, you just know that quitting isn’t an option. These are the times when you’ve got a lot of motivation to get through the challenge you’re facing. 

 The best way to generate motivation is by creating a compelling vision. When you have a clear vision, it automatically removes a lot of doubt; you have a strong belief that you can overcome any obstacles you encounter.

 If you frequently quit before reaching your goals, then it’s likely because you don’t have a clear vision of what you want in your life. A lack of motivation is one of the main reasons that people quit anything. When you have a powerful vision, you can see the bigger picture of what you’re trying to achieve.

 If you have a clear vision of becoming a doctor, it doesn’t matter that you hit an obstacle when studying. You can see past this temporary obstacle because you’re going for something ambitious, something that is meaningful to you. 

 However, even with a strong vision, this doesn’t make you immune to challenges. You’ll still regularly encounter obstacles that make you want to give up, especially if you’re pursuing something ambitious. 

 Having a vision is a crucial first step, but it doesn’t solve every one of your problems. The vision is the long-term solution, but sometimes you need a short-term solution to persevere.


Leaning In

One of the most effective techniques for persevering is to lean in whenever you want to quit. Your mind is dragging you away from facing the challenge; it wants you to give up and choose the comfortable option. So you have to compensate by leaning into the challenge. The way you do this is by changing your body language. Your body language has a substantial impact on your actions.


If you’re studying and you can’t work out a problem, instead of slouching down at your desk, sit up straight in the chair and fully immerse yourself in the situation. If you’re running and you can feel yourself slowing down and giving up, poke your chest out and pump your arms and legs. You have excess energy reserves that you can tap into at any moment.



The Finish Line

People make a mistake when trying to bust through an obstacle. They think about where they’re at, relative to how far they have to go. If you’re running a 10-mile race and you’re ready to give up after the 7th mile, the thought of all the miles you still have to run seems unbearable.

 The key is to not focus on the end goal; focus on what’s directly in front of you. Concentrating on giving your best effort will offer you the greatest chance of seeing it through to the end. All the time you spend thinking about the end goal, it’s just taking your focus off the present moment.

 A common misconception is that the emotional labour you’re feeling right now will continue until you’ve reached the finish line. During any endeavour, challenges come in waves; they’re not permanent. 

 If you’re running and you feel tired, you won’t experience that tiredness for the remainder of the run. If you push through it, you then get a second wind. You’ll notice that you feel less tired than when you wanted to quit.

 Your mind exaggerates how long you’ll be experiencing discomfort. Keep this in mind whenever you feel like something is too painful or too difficult.

To persevere through any challenge, you just have to overcome the waves of difficulty. Your body and mind are forces that are built to adapt to whatever situation is in front of them.


Reframing Touch Obstacles

Another way to get through challenging obstacles is to reframe them as opportunities. The reason that anyone quits any type of endeavour is because of the emotional labour involved. Nobody quits when it’s easy. So whenever you’re facing an obstacle, remind yourself that this is the decisive moment that moves you one step closer towards your goal.


It’s also the moment that separates the people that quit from the people that succeed. If you can get through this obstacle, you’ve gone further than many people are willing to go. It’s motivating to know that you had the strength of mind to see this challenge through.



It’s important to recognise that no one ever regrets persevering. When you’re about to quit, the appeal of giving up is so strong, so you need to think of how appealing it will be to push through to the end. If you give up, you’re going to feel some relief temporarily. But after five or ten minutes, that relief will be replaced with regret. 

 Whereas if you don’t quit, you’re initially going to face some emotional labour as you go through the challenge, but once you get through it, the pain and discomfort are going to disappear. It’s going to be replaced by pride and fulfilment that you managed to persevere through.


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